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The tremendous amount of information available should help individuals better understand their physiology and take a more active role in their health care. Yet we find that the lack of access to quality lab testing keeps the general public from investigating the root cause of their health concerns and improving their health.

Over the years, our clients have commonly mentioned that they suspected a particular issue but could not find a medical provider who would order the tests needed to confirm or disprove their suspicions. Often, this resistance on the part of physicians to order tests is due to the influence of insurance companies focused on short-term cost savings rather than the patient’s long-term health.

Furthermore, when an individual is not sick and wants to improve their health or practice preventative medicine, it is even harder to have the necessary labs ordered within the traditional medical system.

To facilitate identifying the root causes of problems or to improve health, we are making available the following lab panels:


Modern times keep us constantly exposed to environmental toxins. When the exposure exceeds our body’s ability to detoxify, the toxins accumulate and affect our health negatively.

Clinically, we test for toxins when there is a known exposure (such as mold). The presence of unusual symptoms (such as sensitivities to smells or perfumes) and lack of expected response to therapies are also clinical reasons for toxin testing. Other common symptoms of toxins include fatigue, skin rashes, autoimmune disorders, and neurological disorders.

Our body protects itself from toxins by sequestering them in the tissues rather than continuing to circulate them in our blood, where they can do most harm. We find that blood tests for toxins can show active exposures to toxins but are not representative of what may have accumulated in our bodies over time.

Our toxin panels below are urine samples performed after a chelating challenge which encourages the body to release toxins accumulated in our tissues for more accurate testing.

  • Complete Detox Panel: This is our most comprehensive panel and our recommended screening test when looking for toxins. It includes the Mycotoxins, Heavy metals and Environmental toxin panels mentioned below.
  • Mycotoxins Test: Mycotoxin exposure can come from both dietary and environmental sources. Environmental sources include living or working in water-damaged buildings, airborne or physical contact with outdoor molds, and airborne dust in buildings containing mold spores. Mycotoxin symptoms are often general or vague, and difficult to associate with a diagnosis and, therefore, may be often overlooked.
  • Heavy Metals Test: Heavy metal toxicity is under-represented as a root cause of illness and disease in humans. It can affect virtually all biological systems in the human body. Heavy metal toxicity is thought to affect over 1 million people annually, including children.
  • Environmental Toxins Test: Environmental toxins, or toxicants, are substances produced endogenously from the human body which, when absorbed, inhaled, or ingested, can cause acute or chronic toxic overload. A variety of biological organ, tissue, and cellular-level systems can be affected. Environmental toxins are cancer-causing chemicals and endocrine disruptors and can contribute to systemic inflammation.

Food Sensitivities

In food sensitivities, food protein antigens will bind to antibodies and form an immune complex, which can evoke systemic immune responses. Symptoms of food sensitivities are often delayed and hard to pinpoint or detect.

Hormone + Thyroid

Hormone and Thyroid Panel: One of the most undiagnosed conditions is an underactive thyroid. A complete thyroid panel along with full hormones can shine a light on what may be driving symptoms behind the scenes.


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