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Experts in Functional Medicine

We are excited to provide you with the resources you need to take charge of your health. Here you can access Functional Medicine lab testing to truly evaluate where you are, the resources to understand your results, and the support and protocols necessary to take effective action.

The Mission of Navigate Wellness

At Navigate Wellness, our mission is to provide direct access to the best diagnostic testing, the highest quality nutraceuticals, and the pathways and protocols for healing so that you can take charge of your health.

Until recently, it was necessary to be seen directly by a Functional Medicine Provider to have these in-depth lab panels ordered and to access trustworthy supplements. It is past time for that to change. We believe you have the right to acquire the best lab testing and gather as much information about your health to serve you best.

Meet Dr. James Howton

Dr. James Howton

Meet Julie Michelson

Julie Michelson



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