Bringing Functional Medicine Home.

We are excited to provide you with the resources you need to take charge of your health. Here you can access Functional Medicine lab testing to truly evaluate where you are, the resources to understand your results, and the support and protocols necessary to take effective action.


On Your Terms.

The tremendous amount of information available should help individuals better understand their physiology and take a more active role in their health care. Yet we find that the lack of access to quality lab testing keeps the general public from investigating the root cause of their health concerns and improving their health. Learn more.


Take Charge of Your Health

At Navigate Wellness, our mission is to provide direct access to the best diagnostic testing, the highest quality nutraceuticals, and the pathways and protocols for healing so that you can take charge of your health.

Until recently, it was necessary to be seen directly by a Functional Medicine Provider to have these in-depth lab panels ordered and to access trustworthy supplements. It is past time for that to change.

We believe you have the right to acquire the best lab testing and gather as much information about your health to serve you best. Learn more.


Experts in Functional Medicine

Julie Michelson is passionate about Functional Medicine and using lifestyle to optimize health. As a National Board-Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Julie is an expert in supporting others in achieving the changes necessary to experience true healing and their best lives.

Dr. Howton appreciates and embraces the strengths and positive aspects of conventional medicine and contributes his vast experience in Family Medicine with his expertise in Functional Medicine to address root cause issues that drive health decline, as well as chronic and complex illness. He is passionate about empowering his patients to optimize their health and is trained in the most cutting-edge modalities to provide the highest level of care to his patients.

In their work as a team, people often say that Dr. Howton provides the what, and Julie offers the how.

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